Why Tenant File?

Simply put, we are not like the others. We don’t mind providing free property management software for you to try. We encourage you to put it to the test and compare it to any other product for property managers. Why? Because we know that the Tenant File is the easiest to learn and use with the most powerful features compared to any other software out there.

The Tenant File is NOT WEB-BASED, so if you feel a need to follow the latest trend, by all means, don’t go any further! But there is a good reason that the Tenant File is a favorite of thousands of property managers throughout the USA. It is stable, secure, comprehensive, and easy to learn. Plus, it is PROFESSIONAL. Whether you manage your own property or manage for other owners, you’ll find the features and reporting that you need as a property manager. We’re not the latest iPhone app out of thousands that might take your company down when they go under – the Tenant File has been around since 1992 and has stayed up with the latest changes in technology. We just don’t think you should trust your valuable information to be floating in the ‘clouds’ for any hacker to steal …


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