A Quick Peek

Check out just a few of the Tenant File Features

Here is a quick peek at some of the screen shots you’ll find in the Tenant File. This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, though.  You really need to download the ‘Tenant File Sample Program‘ to see everything!

Tenant File Tenant Screen

The Activities Screen is the main screen in the program. From here you can do many, many things, such as accounting for tenants or owners, navigating to owners, properties, units and tenants, setting up recurring charges, late fees, to do reminders, scheduling, amenities, and much more!


Tenant File Features

The Features screen allows you to enter amenities, repair information, serial numbers, notes, and much more. This information can be combined with the popular RentalWIZ service to upload all of your vacancy information with a single click.


Tenant File Post Income Steps

Charging rent and posting rent income is fast and easy! Not only will it post rent income for multiple tenants automatically, but it will also calculate and post management fees, post late fee receipts, create a bank deposit, write a check to your company, and post another custom account – all with a single click!


Tenant File Report Screen

The Tenant File has literally over 100 reports for owners, tenants, vendors, checks, reminders, accounts, and more. Its is quick and easy to create a report, show it to the screen, print or export to various formats!


Tenant File Check Register

The Tenant File has full capabilities to handle up to 10 bank accounts, with posting, reconciling to your bank statement, transfers, reports, and much more!

With our optional DirectPAY service you can receive your tenant rents via ACH or recurring payments directly to your bank account.You’ll be notified when payments are made and have the ability to post those payments automatically into the Tenant File – you can even post management fees automatically at the same time!

Plus, you can pay your owners and vendors by transferring funds directly to their account! All transactions are posted automatically into the Tenant File accounting ledgers.


These are just a few of the many screens you’ll have in the Tenant File. All for a very affordable one-time price!