Don’t want monthly payments for your software?

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We agree. Why not just purchase once and own it without having to make endless monthly payments? Why worry that your ‘cloud’ based software company will go under along with all of your valuable data? Or worse yet,  you could have your sensitive information stolen in one of the thousands of security breaches that happen every day.  Not with the Tenant File. This solid, comprehensive, and proven software is easy to use and is downloaded on your desktop, even on multiple computers.  Old fashioned? No way! The Tenant File allows you to email your statements, create and save form emails, access online help, and even has the ability to receive payments through ACH or upload your vacancies to the Internet. Why not try it out?

Some of the Tenant File Features:

1. Separate Owner, Property, Tenant and Unit Ledgers

2. Unlimited Vendors

3. Unlimited Accounts

4. Easy Automatic Rent Posting

5. Reminder System

6. Scheduler

7. Numerous Owner Reports (Income Expense, P&L, Cash Flow, etc)

8. Numerous Tenant Reports (Invoice, Past Due Notice, Statements, Delinquency, etc)

9. Easy to Set up and Use

10. Great Customer Support – 2 Monthss Free with 100 or Unlimited Versions

As a property manager, you have better things to do than struggle with difficult to use property management software. Your rental property software should be fast, networkable, and easy. Plus, when you need to ask a question or get some help, you shouldn’t have to spend hours sorting through a knowledge base, or waiting days for an answer. With the Tenant File you will get fast expert assistance! Buy it once and you own it forever – no monthly payments!